Preparing Your Home to Sell

Whether you're downsizing, a soon-to-be empty nester, or relocating to another state, the task of selling your house can be challenging.  Although it’s a huge undertaking,  strategic and pro-active planning can help speed the process. Here are some tips to help navigate your house selling approach.   

Detach.   Take your personality out of the house. While this can be painful, the sooner you decide on it the better,  giving the potential buyer an opportunity to let in their personality.  
Curb Appeal.  Landscaping is the foundation to making a good impression.  You will need to mow the lawn, prune bushes, and weed. Spruce up the front with some potted plants. Prospective buyers need to have an uncluttered view of your lawn before they enter your house.

   Selling Your Home Illinois

Clean up the Outside. Don’t forget about the exterior of your house and buyers first impressions.  This is a good time to rent a pressure washer for the sidewalk and to clear the gutters.

Repairs. If your house shows broken windows, leaky roofs or pipes, or cracks in your pathway, be sure to repair them.  Even if your house is mostly pristine and shows well, minor defects  like this are a distraction.  

Front door should be welcoming. Is your door knob bright brass and from the nineties?  Peeling paint or scratches from a pet...again, this is one of the first thing buyers will see so be sure to update it and swing back into the new century.  

Declutter.  No, we are not tidying up with a Marie Kondo book.  This is not only about decluttering by removing knick knacks, this is also about removing entire pieces of furniture in order to keep a cohesive clean look to every room.  

Drywall repairs and paint. Dents, stains and  scuff marks don't leave a good impression.  Paint with a neutral color.  Sometimes rooms will have a color that really reveals the owner's personality.  If it is too loud, like a bright pink, consider notching down the color, even if that means using the same color and bringing it down several shades.

Sparkle. A house needs to sparkle.  This means no dust, dirt and shiny windows.  Invest in a good window cleaning service.  A dirty window is a film  over the entire house.  

Nancy Hibler, from Karges Realty has over 25 years real estate selling experience.  Nancy has the knowledge to successfully assist clients in buying and selling homes of any type and within any price range. Whether you’re looking for your first home, moving to retire in Joliet, accommodating a growing family, or investing in property to make additional income, Nancy has the resources needed to assist you.  Call her at (815) 263-5791.



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