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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixer-Upper

It’s something we’re sure at one time or another, you’ve imagined. You take a house, a house that many would see as decrepit and decaying, and turn it into something extraordinary. You’ve seen it done on countless shows on the always entertaining HGTV channel. You might have even had first-hand experience on how a drastic interior renovation can be successful. But no matter what first might have introduced you to this concept, one thing is certain: people’s love and fascination with buying a “fixer-upper” home are not going away any time soon.
But sometimes, a television show, or one person’s successful project, doesn’t necessarily guarantee success for your own “fixer-upper.” Any number of unforeseen complications can arise with any large undertaking, and unfortunately, big complications often translate into big expenses. Many homeowners like you, or those considering purchasing a “fixer-upper” may be asking themselves, “is all that trouble really worth the end result?
Here are the Pro…